LG DP432H 360mm 1080p Full HD Up-scaling DVD Player with HDMI and USB

December 1, 2013 - Comment

Product Features LG DP432H

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Product Features

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W. D. Kirshner says:

good dvd player with appalling instr The player works well and is good value. Setting up was a pain, Had to ring LG – premium rate – still no joy. Finally, retuned everything, TV. etc and it started to work. Why can’t these companies employ soemone to read through their own instructions and check they work?

J. Clark says:

Excellent picture This is an easy-to-use DVD player with excellent picture quality thanks to the upscaling feature which makes your DVDs look almost as good as Blueray discs.

Adam Strange says:

Not Bad In my experience, DVD players have a limited life and can fail without much warning. I currently have an upscaling Toshiba with USB and decided to buy this LG as a backup. To make a few direct comparisons (after testing this unit), the build quality of the LG is about the same as the Toshiba, while the picture quality is fractionally inferior, but still pretty decent. Where this player does fall down, is with unsatisfactory instructions and the general way the remote and menus operate. Control is a touch clumsy compared to some players I’ve used. Playback of files via the USB connection is fine, although again, I’d say the controls could stand some refinement. However, for £35, it’s good value for money and LG products are generally pretty reliable.

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