Panasonic DMR-EX773EBK 160GB HDD DVD Recorder with Freeview+

August 10, 2013 - Comment

Product Features DVD Recorder with 160GB HDD Freeview+ Tuner 1080p Up-Conversion Chroma Processor

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Product Features

  • DVD Recorder with 160GB HDD
  • Freeview+ Tuner
  • 1080p Up-Conversion
  • Chroma Processor


S. J. Ware "Stephen" says:

Good results, but a few irritations I bought this to replace a Sony recorder which had no Freeview, and because a recently bought Panasonic TV seemed to have much better reception in our marginal area than the (very expensive) Sony set-top box.It’s grindingly slow in pretty much everything it does, but it produces much better pictures than the (5+ years old) Sony. If you record in highest quality to the hard drive, when you copy to your DVD, if it doesn’t fit, instead of choosing an arbtirary recording mode (SP 2 hours, LP 3 hours etc) it compresses your files just enough to fit exactly onto the disc (“flexible recording”) so you always get the best possible pictures. The algorithms are much improved too: I squeezed the whole of “Reds”, a film lasting well over 3 hours, on to a single DVD-R and there wasn’t a trace of mpeg2 artifact.Reception a definite improvement on the old STB.Pause live TV excellent.There are a few personal irritations most of which are pretty trivial…

Deej says:

My first HDD DVD recorder… I purchased this Panasonic HDD DVD recorder based on the Amazon reviews so knew about the ads on the TV guide – they are a nuisance grabbing approx 50% of the screen – but don’t let that put you off an otherwise good unit. I have a full screen TV guide on my LCD TV so just use that and switch viewing to the Panasonic unit to set the recorder. There is one Freeview tuner so you cannot view a channel whilst recording another; however, you can view DVDs whilst recording. I’ve recorded 8mm and Hi8 video tapes direct to DVD through the AV2 connection with no issues at all. If I wanted to record from a VHS tape or Sky box (or similar) I’d use the same method and cannot foresee any problems whether to HDD or DVD. The HDD 160GB size is more than adequate for my uses as I expect to record from Freeview or Sky and delete when viewed. Any keepers would be re-recorded to DVD if space did become an issue.The unit looks good; off means off – no standby light is left on. You can leave the unit…

Butch53 says:

Panasonic is much improved I purchased this as a replacement to my LG DVD HDD recorder and find it such a pleasure to use. It is quick and easy to set up and the recording menues are very easy to use. I especially love the one touch recording from the TV guide section. The picture quality is excellent.It is a very quiet machine while running, which is quite different to the LG it has replaced. It is a nice looking piece of kit that will look good with any other equipment.I can’t recommend this highly enough. It was also voted the number one DVD HDD recorder by Stuff magazine this month.

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