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PANASONIC PT-AE7000 / PT-AT5000 PROJECTOR 3D FULL HD VIERA LINK HDTV 2000 lm Product Features 2000 lm 3D Full HD

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Product Features

  • 2000 lm
  • 3D Full HD


Mr. W says:

Perfect Picture I can’t say this projector creates the perfect image because of the dynamic iris used, occasionally I see the image brightness adjust slightly but I find I very rarely notice it and it is not particularly distracting when I do, and I know most people don’t notice it at all. Aside from that, the image in 2D is stunning and in the REC709 mode with a little tweaking I feel confident that I am seeing the image pretty much as good and as accurate as it can be. The image does not feel compromised compared to going to the cinema. The image is bright, sharp, rich, dynamic and natural.The 3D image is subject to minor cross-talk issues (ghosting) on some 3D content but for the most part is very good. I dare say there are better projectors out there but you will need to pay a lot more for them and I find it hard to believe the picture will be very noticeably better.I would also mention that the projector is pretty quiet in normal mode, but in eco mode the projector is so…

Martin Allen says:

PT-AE7000 supplied, so warranty not valid in UK and unable to charge 3D eyewear. Otherwise a great product. My rating was based on the excellent picture and good price (<£1,600) vs no charging port for 3D eyewear and the fact that the item supplied was intended for the Canadian market (so not covered by warranty).The 3D eyewear is expensive (TY-EW3D3ME - £63ea) for this model and there is an additional requirement to purchase the Sanyo eneloop (£40) to charge them. Because of the limited number of 3D releases and the cost of eyewear, I will probably ignore this feature.I previously owned an Epson TW600, and when comparing it to this model (in a suitable environement for projector) and the majority of large screen TVs I have seen in shops and the 40" LCD I have at home, I would rate the image quality as subtle, realististic and excellent, albeit having a slight variance in the hue(off white pink to off white blue) across a 90" screen.If the product is fault free until the end of its normal warranty period, I will be very happy with this product.

Andy says:

Excellent In June I bought the new JVC X30 3D projector, it was a choice between that and the PANASONIC PT AE 5000/7000, The worse mistake I made!!!The 2D image is excellent on both machines but I’m a great fan of 3D, with many 3D titles and the JVC couldn’t handle 80% of them without bad crosstalk/ghosting and this was worse when watching Pixar movies, some were unwatchable, so I sold it on at a loss and bought the PANASONIC which plays the same movies with virtually no Crosstalk at all and the few unwatchable movies on the JVC have slight crosstalk on the PANASONIC.There is a massive difference between both players on the 3D technology, so if you love your 3D, look no further and grab a Panasonic 5000 and stay away from the JVC, you have been warned!

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