Manhattan Plaza HD-S HD Freesat Digital Box

June 23, 2013 - Comment

Manhattan Freesat HD Box

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Manhattan Freesat HD Box


ste0000 says:

Very Good I bought the bush freesat box from argos which looks exactly the same as this but the difference in quality is astonishing.The bush cost £45 and wish I’d bought this manhatten first time round. Well worth paying the extra £35-£40.It’s easy to use and has a great HD picture. The HDMI cable is good and I am using this on a 24″ LED TV in our bedroom.The only complaint, is some of the buttons on the remote are quite small but no great shakes overall. A*****

P. Davies "patD" says:

Manhattan freesat digital box I wanted this freesat box for my caravan, having receiived it very quickly, it took just a few minutes to set up once I had set the Satillite dish up.Well after getting famillier with the remote and the features, I realized that It was just whatI needed in my caravan.Being satillite, reception is no problem (be careful with the tall trees) not like terrestrial tv.When moving from tv region to region is not a problem either, because there is a feature to change region at the touch of a button.This freesat box is one of the best that I have used, and, I am experienced in electronics.

DavidS says:

Manhattan Plaza HD-S Freesat Receiver Excellent freesat receiver, set up in 5 mins., picture quality is superb on hd and sd, highly recommended, if record was added via usb this stb would be hard to beat.

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