August DA100C 10 Inch High Resolution Freeview TV & Recorder / Analogue TV / Media Player / Photo Displayer Supporting Red Button Teletext – Powered by Mains and Rechargeable Batteries (not included)

July 22, 2013 - Comment

The DA100C from August is a stylish, slim-line, high quality, portable Freeview TV that also has an Analogue Tuner so you can find a signal even in the worst reception areas. With a built in Memory Card Reader and USB port, you’ll be able to watch all your favourite digital media, as well as live

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The DA100C from August is a stylish, slim-line, high quality, portable Freeview TV that also has an Analogue Tuner so you can find a signal even in the worst reception areas. With a built in Memory Card Reader and USB port, you’ll be able to watch all your favourite digital media, as well as live TV, on its pin sharp, 10″ digital LCD screen.

Perfectly sized for a bedside table, kitchen cabinet or to add a TV to your caravan, it can also be easily taken with you on holiday or harnessed to the back of your car seats headrest to keep the kids entertained on long journeys. Using six rechargeable 3200mAh batteries, you can expect up to four hours of playback between charges.

August have manufactured this TV using the latest technology and included features that are usually only seen on high-spec PVR’s or dedicated Freeview boxes; Such as the ability to access Red Button Content, setup Scheduled Recording and enable Subtitling when available. As the DA100C has both AV-in and Out, you can watch your recorded shows or digital files on your living room set (just by attaching the cable), or hook it up to your DVD player or games console as a high resolution monitor.


– Mains power adaptor

– Stand

– A/V cable

– External antenna

– Telescopic antenna

– Earphones

– Remote control with battery

– User manual

In/Output Ports:

– SD/MMC card reader

– USB port

– AV In/Out

– Antenna in

– Headphone socket

– Power input

Freeview reception is affected by various factors such as your proximity to a transmitter, thick walls, ceilings, weather etc. We advise that you connect the TV to a rooftop aerial for the initial channel scan, then use the TV in different locations to test the signal strength. A portable aerial with signal booster may help; we recommend the August DTA245.

Product Features

  • 10″ digital screen, with 800×480 resolution – Digital TV for over 50 Freeview channels – Analogue TV for the 5 terrestrial channels – Plus all digital radio stations
  • Real-time & scheduled TV recording via USB port – Supports red-button Freeview interactive teletext – 7 day EPG (Electronic Program Guide) – Subtitles – Sleep & wake function
  • Plays video, music and digital pictures via the built-in SD/MMC card reader and USB port – Supports MP3, WAV, JPEG, MPEG4, AVI formats – Output Freeview/video/photos to large screens – AV-In enables use as a high quality monitor
  • Remote control supplied with battery – In-Ear Headphones Supplied – AC power supply from mains (110-240V 50/60Hz) – Built-in compartment for 6xAA rechargeable batteries
  • Retail Packaged with English/French/German User Manual – Dimension 262x170x30mm without stand – Weight: 650/820g without/with batteries


P. Bean "Mr Bean!" says:

Great little TV! We bought this TV for our kitchen, needed something nice and small that would fit under the units without paying the earth for the flip down TV’s. What a great little unit. The picture quality for such a small item is excellent. It’s also very neat and tidy and the supplied bracket, although not folding in the sense of the flip down TV’s, is certainly quite flexible in the way it can be mounted. We turned the bracket upside down and screwed it to the bottom of the cupboards – looks fine. Saying that a VESA mount would have been much more useful, especially when you can get a VESA flip down bracket for about £30. The sound quality is perfectly reasonable for the sort of use and the USB and Card reader is a real bonus.Why only a 4? Well it does look a little cheap, especially the remote and the supplied aerial, other than in a perfect position, is pretty useless for Freeview, but connecting to the house aerial system over came this minor difficulty and we had expected…

Hooshiar Arabi says:

ok TV but not to be used as a video monitor This is a fairly good tv if you plug it into the house arial, but be aware that it is not a bright tv. I wanted a “video monitor” for my on location shoots and thought this would be perfect but after purchasing it I discovered it is just not bright enough to be used even in the darkest theatres. As a TV, you will be able to use it functionally but be aware that if you use it in a brightly lite room then you will find it hard to see the screen. The build quality is also average, it does feel like it could break very easily. On a plus side, it is VERY slim and light. Absolutely perfect for traveling from one location to another (as long as you have a house arial in the place you are going). Also it runs of rechargeable batteries (and ONLY rechargeable battries. not the kind of batteries you can buy from any shops that are ready charged, as the voltages are slightly different and in the manual it says it will damage the TV if you use non rechargeable batteries).

chuffe says:

August DA100C. Took a risk and bought this tv unseen,and before the mch. 30th switchover,wanted to use in the event of a power cut,so bought car plug lead as well,to run off battery pack,and I was really happy to find that connected to my new rooftop digital areial,and powered by battery,I tuned the built in freeview with easy auto search,and got perfect picture and sound on all channels,and although only 10″ screen it’s plenty big enough for my requirements,I needed built in freeview,as set top box only works on mains supply,and it can be conected to another tv and used as a set top box,the rest of the time(no Power cut).At the all in price of £136 for both items,a real winner.

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