Samsung 40F5300 40-inch Widescreen Smart Full HD 1080p LED TV with Freeview

January 17, 2014 - Comment

Samsung UE40F5300 40 Inch Full HD Freeview HD Smart LED TV

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Samsung UE40F5300 40 Inch Full HD Freeview HD Smart LED TV


chades says:

Goods vs. Bads The GOOD things about this Smart TV: Great price, Fast delivery, Happy with the HD picture quality and non HD freeview channels looks great as well. Happy to have Youtube on my TV it expands the content to watch and its brilliant, app is very easy to use using ALL smartphones! Satisfying speaker sound, Beautiful screen design, easy to clean, Lightweight, Slim.The BAD Things: the Samsung smart hub. The apps selection is very poor! The games you can download from the samsung apps store is so basic that it reminds me of my old ATARI :/ Which was nice back in the days.. The remote control is very slow when it comes to browsing the web and you better have a Samsung Smartphone in order to enjoy browsing. The web browser looks very poor and sometimes will automatically change your search engine from google to bing (which I don’t like using it at all). In order to use your home WiFi you’ll need to buy a special USB device which will cost you around the 25£ and if you would like to use…

gbswales "It takes me a long time to listen t... says:

Absolutely love this TV I was a bit worried because of a few mixed reviews but when I looked closely at them people were comparing it to sets that cost much more which seems a little unfair..Set up was a doddle – even upgraded firmware as part of the process. The picture quality is far better than my previous Panasonic plasma TV and the sound quality the best I have heard on a TV (without external speakers). Some people have criticised the plastic which I see as a positive advantage – it is light enough for me to lift it into place single handed unlike my smaller Panasonic which really needed two people. Although light it looks and feels quite durable. As well as all the apps, catch up TV etc it also plays anything off my PC, phone or tablet – so far no matter what the file type. Start up is just a few seconds. My only criticism is that the manual is written for a range of TVs with things like “this may not be available on all models” scattered through it. I deplore this kind shortcut…

Peter Roxburgh says:

Good value but Not built-in wifi We finally decided to move into the 21st Century and got rid of our CRT TV.I was undecided as to the need for ‘SMART’ or not. This was available on a lightning deal and I made the purchase.SET UPSetting up the stand was simple (need a philips screwdriver). The TV is nice and light.One of the things I struggled with was the ‘universal remote’ i.e. trying to connect the Samsung remote to work with my Sky Box. After much try, i finally saw something on a forum that you need to put the IR-receiver near the Sky box. once I did that it recognised the device. However, there are still limitations i.e. you can’t bring up the Sky planner with the Samsung remote, so you do still need your Sky remote. What you can do, however, is scroll through the channels (while watching one) to see what else is on. Or you can switch to another channel if you know what that channel number is.It also took me a while to figure out that you can switch off…

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