Philips PPX2480 LED Projector, ANSI lumens 80, , , 30000 hrs, Black-silver

August 19, 2013 - Comment

Philips videopr. ppc-2480 pico led 55al 854×480 55ansi lumen (80 with ps. mains), contr. 1000:1

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Philips videopr. ppc-2480 pico led 55al 854×480 55ansi lumen (80 with ps. mains), contr. 1000:1


Peter Clements says:

Amazingly small, light but very clear image This is the first projector I have ever bought and hadn’t realised how small they are these days. For the business consultant, trainer, coach and all round presenter this is amazing value for money. By the way, I bought mine from PC World and got it for a lot less than the quoted price here. It can even run without mains as it has a battery and can run stuff from its internal memory. The audio is ok if you need it. It’s great at automatically setting the focus and you get a really good image size on a wall. Read stuff about needing an almost dark room – complete rubbish – it works well in most conditions as long as there isn’t a huge amount of light – but that’s the case for most projectors. It will support HDMI input – haven’t tried it so cant comment. Weight wise – its about the same weight as a standard Kindle device. Comes with a carry case and all the cables you need. NOTE: it doesn’t come with adjustable legs but you can fit a tripod to it – looking at the connection I imagine…

Mork without mindy says:

Really impressive! So I wanted to either get a small TV for the bedroom or a bigger TV for the livingroom, with my picopix projector i have both.The ability to connect your ipad to it and play Netflix or the various iplayers makes it perfect for watching things on any spare wall you have at home. It also has colour correction for if the wall is not white, i.e. magnolia or light the living room we use it at full size and yes the clarity is not as good, for example if i play battlefield 3 on the xbox through it, then it is hard to see far off objects/people moving, but games like fifa 13 are very enjoyable. also some of the outer edges are slightly out of focus compared to the centre, but for its size and considering its not HD, i am pretty happy and impressed with it.The sound is the main drawback as its not very loud and lacks any depth. I have brought a pair of PC speaker which work well but then this starts to make the projector less portable.I…

Tim says:

Mini projector Amazingly powerful so something so diddy.great for mobility and hasn’t let me down yet.excellent buy, only slight criticism….clearer user guide but when did men read them!!

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