SAMSUNG Pico pocket projector – SP-H03 LED Portable projector + 4 GB microSD

August 19, 2013 - Comment

SAMSUNG Pico pocket projector – SP-H03 LED Portable projector + 4 GB microSD

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SAMSUNG Pico pocket projector – SP-H03 LED Portable projector + 4 GB microSD


Mr. Robin Hardy "Picky buyer" says:

Just amazing This device is just amazing. We project it on to the living room wall to get a 100 inch widescreen cinema-style experience from about 4 metres away. The room does need to be fairly dark but only as would expect in a cinema. The image quality even at that size is amazing – no pixellation and totally smooth. The flexibility on inputs is great – USB sticks (drives cannot really get enough power), composite, VGA (or digital with a converter plug), memory card. The ability to play Powerpoint via an in-built player is brilliant. You can give presentations using nothing but the projector – don’t even need a PC. Don’t be put off by the 30 lumens brightness. There is no correlation between the 2,3,4000 lumens a lamp needs and the output of these. This seems to be as bright as a low lumen lamp projector with, say, 2000 lumens. Quiet, (claimed) 30,000 hours life, no need for delicate handling and so portable – it’s less than 3″ square and 1″ deep. Literally fits in your pocket. A must have.

trak says:

Very good for visual entertainment I bought this as I thought it would work well with my laptop or ipod touch as a bedroom cinema system. Well, it works a treat in that respect.Brightness is very good, as well as contrast. I use it against my bedroom wall…which is yellow in colour, but it still manages to produce sharp images for such a small gadget. Itunes movie rentals are so much enjoyable now.The H03 works rather well with powerpoint documents. The battery should last at least 40mins- however some people have managed to get longer battery life per charge.This is probably the first time that I have really taken notice of a Samsung product. The support , in terms of firmware upgrade on their website is superb.

Sail bird says:

Disappointed Arrived poorly packaged and was faulty. Did not live up to the write ups or the reviews. Contacted the provider and no problem in returning and money refunded.

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