Samsung ue 55f8000 lcd led 3d smart tv 1000hz, wi-fi integrated, quad core, 4xhdmi, ci +, dvb-t2/s2

February 19, 2014 - Comment

Samsung 55” led tv 3d 1000hz dvbt2/c/s2 cmr smart usb cl.a Product Features Samsung UE55F8000

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Samsung 55” led tv 3d 1000hz dvbt2/c/s2 cmr smart usb cl.a

Product Features

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  • UE55F8000


S Reid "Stephen" says:

If you are tempted to treat yourself, do it! It’s a purchase you won’t regret. By common consent, this is the best TV on the market as of now (October 2013), or at least one of the best. That will change as the 4k sets come forward and become more affordable, but for now: Number One.The set comes well packaged: lots of polystyrene and other protection. I recommend two people to get the set out of the box (best done with the box lying down). The stand assembles very easily. This produces one of the first distinguishing features: the stand is wholly unobtrusive and the set sits very low on the table with just a couple of inches of the stand showing on each side of the set.There is a small user guide in the box: the main manual is accessible electronically. My recommendation is to download and print it beforehand.There is a cover that hides the connections on the the rear: they are not as easy to use as some sets I have encountered nor as clearly labelled, but it’s not a job you have to do many times. The positioning of the…

dek08 says:

Overpriced 0

Jezz says:

Problems with Freesat and recording to hard drive This is indeed a lovely Tv and in a short time, with practice, it became easy to understand and operate with assistance from the well organised digital manual, which had been quite opaque at first.Freeview reception is poor in this area so we were particularly interested in the potential for Freesat recording with F8000’s pair of satellite tuners. The Tv is clearly intended to be capable of recording one Satellite channel while viewing another, but (with two examples) this caused significant and disappointing problems, which Samsung Customer Support has put down to the use of unsuitable hard drives.Which Drives for recording?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~For several years Samsung TVs have been supposedly able to provide PVR functions but the Technical Support team still apparently knows very little about the subject and only insists that USB 2.0 must be used. In fact that has been superceded by USB 3.0, which is backwards compatible, and the team is also unclear…

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